If you’re a woman-owned-business looking to do business with major Charlotte corporations, work on City contracts, or simply connect with other women founders, you’re in the right place!

Queen City Women in Business™,  is a membership-based women in business community & platform which connects women businesses to local city and corporate supplier programs & opportunities! Just think of us as the “Angie’s List” of Supplier Sourcing for Women in Business.

We believe it should be MUCH easier for major Charlotte organizations to find & do business with woman owners & founders and carved out a unique space to exclusively make this happen! At Queen City Women in Business™, you’re more than just a face in the crowd; you’re a part of a powerful eco-system striving to change the face of business!

Queen City Women in Business™ offers you a unique and invaluable platform that connects local city and corporate partners and opportunities, to our women in business members faster. This community offers a centralized platform for women small business suppliers by partnering with local agencies, teams & organizations to provide supportive networks & access to resources essential for women in business growth and success.

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Why We Exist:

Today many of Charlotte’s private and public resources & opportunities operate in siloes, missing viable well-deserving women business owners in the process. We bridge this gap by bringing together women owners and organizations to connect resources and opportunities through one centralized platform.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make it easier for women in business, and city & corporate organizations to connect, collaborate, and build a sense of community!

Who We Serve:

We proudly serve our members, women-business-owners seeking to do business with Charlotte city & corporate organizations; and we serve our partners, Charlotte organizations looking to connect with women-business-owners. 

How We Serve:


As a member or partner, you’ll be provided with frequent opportunities to connect & collaborate as early and often as possible through access, frequent educational programs, and our signature events!

  • Connections: We have access to some of the city’s most influential leaders & organizations and work to proactively facilitate powerful connections & warm introductions between these members and partners.
  • Collaborations: We promote, showcase, and foster meaningful collaborations by positioning our women in business members to interface and play key roles within our community and at our events.
  • Community: We’re building a sense of community through enabling an eco-system of members, partners and resources for women owned businesses in one centralized platform.

What We Offer:

We offer access to opportunities, educational programs & signature events designed to accelerate the success of women entrepreneurs just like you!

  1. Access – Get access to some of the city’s most influential leaders & key organizations. Through our social media platform and app and warm introductions made at events and beyond, women business owners can quickly build a sense of community and position themselves for high volume growth.
  2. Education – Get the upskilling and training you need to compete at the highest levels. We pride ourselves on offering you the best information & education during our events (i.e. Speakers, Discussion Panels, Breakout-sessions, VIP Fireside chats, etc.) and all year long, via online training programs exclusively designed to help Small Businesses Grow powered by our partners at Skilldora Inc., an accredited training provider.
  3. Events – Get invited to our wildly popular signature events such as our Queen City Women in Business Breakfast™ professional business conference, or our fan favorite Queen City Women in Business Hat & Tea™ Experience, as a great way to connect with city leaders & collaborate with other women owned businesses and re-fuel your purpose!

Why Join Our Community?

Get your business referred! Get access to people already looking to work with you! Get in front of a larger audience faster!

Whether a member or partner organization, if you’re looking to grow your business or program exponentially by having access to the right people, resources & opportunities, then you’re in the right place!
Not only do we connect Queen City Women in Business™ members to local city and corporate opportunities, yet we also aim to work with our members and partners as a first choice when it comes to our signature events and experiences!

As a result, our members & partners have reported an immediate increase in awareness, exposure and opportunities from our connections!

See Our Testimonials

"Queen City Women in Business has helped me to network with other amazing women in business and learn about what they bring to the table. I have connected with a few businesses for potential photoshoots this year and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to capture photos at QC Women in Business."
Jeris Johnson
CEO of JerisJayy+Co. Photography
"Queen City women in business has helped me to connect with a group of remarkable professional women who are also successful business owners. Look no further than QCWIB, with their assistance, I have been able to build a fast and efficient network consisting of extraordinary individuals. These women possess not only the skills and experience to excel in their respective fields, but also a strong sense of camaraderie and support."
Murriel Shaw
CEO of Salon Royal Wellness
"I’m thrilled that we secured a booth at this year’s Queen City Women in Business Hat & Tea Luncheon. As a top-tier national non-profit, the American Cancer Society is known globally, BUT what we DO locally may not be top of mind. Sharing HOW our events bring people together, WHERE our programs impact the Greater Charlotte community, and WHO benefits from transportation and lodging grants was a key component in our experience and engagement with the attendees. Queen City Women in Business has helped us to engage with various industry leaders who make a difference in the business community AND philanthropic community. Having one on one conversations led to great conversations on auction donations, volunteer leadership positions and various invitations to our events to support our mission!"
Joyce Caron-Mercier
American Cancer Society

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