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Queen City Women in Business™ is a membership-based online community & platform that connects diverse Women-Owned Small Businesses to Supplier Diversity partners & programs beyond certification through first RFP.

One of the fastest growing platforms for diverse Women-Owned Businesses seeking to work with major organizations in every sector, (i.e. Corporate, Local & State, Federal, etc.), we support all industries, all trades, in one platform!


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With a proven track record for bringing our Corp Partners & Members success in a short time, we understand it takes solid Supplier Resources, Relationships and Representation to compete for opportunities and enables this through our education, events & open-access!

ALL NEW Communities of Practice COPs: QCWIB Members Can Join up to 2 of our 6 COPs!

QCWIB is Launching 6-Communities of Practice (COPs) in 2024 enabling our members to have direct & easy access to corporate opportunities, fast-tracked priority connections to our partners & more competitive industry skills!

A COP, or Community of Practice, is a group of people who share a common interest or passion and come together to learn from one another, share experiences, and collaborate on solving problems or advancing knowledge in that particular area. 

Our COPs provide a platform for members to exchange ideas, best practices & resources related to their shared interest.

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We’re a Certified Woman-Owned Minority Company Leading Others to Certification!

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Our rapid growth as a community stems from our multi-dynamic approach to supplier sourcing offering Women-Owned Diverse Businesses a faster way to connect to major organizations.


We simplify access to certifications for our members by partnering w/Corporations, Local & State & Federal Government.


Success is a 2-way street & while we focus heavily on Supplier Development, we address buyer learning opportunities as well.


We specialize in cultivating robust connections between suppliers & buyers, creating a dynamic ecosystem where businesses flourish.

New Wells Fargo Grant to help 50 women become Supplier Ready Enterprises by Dec 31, 2024

Through Queen City Women in Business’s QCWIB CARES initiative, an acronym for (Community, Advocacy, Role-Modeling & Education for Suppliers), we are able to launch a ground-breaking initiative aimed at supporting aspiring women-owned businesses in North Carolina (NC) and South Carolina (SC) to become Supplier Ready Enterprises. Apply or Learn More!

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“Queen City Women in Business has helped me to network with other amazing women in business and learn about what they bring to the table. I have connected with a few businesses for potential photoshoots this year and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to capture photos at QC Women in Business.”
Jeris Johnson, JerisJayy+Co. Photography
"I attended the Business Speed Matchmaking by Queen City Women in Business where small businesses like myself were able to meet with major corporations looking to do business with us! I’m so grateful for all the resources Queen City Women in Business is offering for women owned small businesses in the region. Yes Darling Tea is on the brink of experiencing significant business growth and we are READY!!!"
Kareema Riddick
CEO of Yes Darling Tea
"I have already learned so much from the two events I've attended and appreciate all the work you and your team are putting into building this community. It feels special to be a part of!"
Julia Farrell
Wryker Construction Supply

We Practice What We Teach!  See Our Commitment to Environmental, Social & Governance 

ESG Goals Defined: 2024-2026

  1. Environmental – To reduce QCWIB’s paper waste by 80% by May 2026. 
  2. Social– To provide Social-Giving through our Nonprofit and Philanthropic pillars.
  3. Governance Criteria– QCWIB to introduce a Supplier Score Card across 4-key categories as a scoring mechanism to ensure fair & equitable supplier governance. ***Request here complete plan & report. 

A Word From Our Founder: Dawn Nicole McIlwain

“While Queen City Women in Business™ no longer offers a FREE membership option, we’ll give you far more value than you invest & offer opportunities that’ll 10x your ROI when you lean-in and leverage all that we provide!” -Dawn Nicole

Why We Exist:

Today the world of small business contracting is far too complex. From knowing which certifications are needed by whom, to understanding where to go to apply, to knowing how to compete once you have them, the entire process has been clunky for far too long. With Woman Owned Businesses being the fastest growing in the US, we thought it was time for supplier simplification.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to connect women-owned-small-businesses to major organizations faster by accelerating supplier-readiness resources, access to key-relationships & amplifying representation beyond certification.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a go-to model for taking women small businesses from start-up, to supplier-ready enterprises faster, through offering more simplified educational resources and access opportunities!

See Our Testimonials

"Queen City Women in Business has helped me to network with other amazing women in business and learn about what they bring to the table. I have connected with a few businesses for potential photoshoots this year and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to capture photos at QC Women in Business."
Jeris Johnson
CEO of JerisJayy+Co. Photography
"Queen City women in business has helped me to connect with a group of remarkable professional women who are also successful business owners. Look no further than QCWIB, with their assistance, I have been able to build a fast and efficient network consisting of extraordinary individuals. These women possess not only the skills and experience to excel in their respective fields, but also a strong sense of camaraderie and support."
Murriel Shaw
CEO of Salon Royal Wellness
"I’m thrilled that we secured a booth at this year’s Queen City Women in Business Hat & Tea Luncheon. As a top-tier national non-profit, the American Cancer Society is known globally, BUT what we DO locally may not be top of mind. Sharing HOW our events bring people together, WHERE our programs impact the Greater Charlotte community, and WHO benefits from transportation and lodging grants was a key component in our experience and engagement with the attendees. Queen City Women in Business has helped us to engage with various industry leaders who make a difference in the business community AND philanthropic community. Having one on one conversations led to great conversations on auction donations, volunteer leadership positions and various invitations to our events to support our mission!"
Joyce Caron-Mercier
American Cancer Society

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