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If you said yes, then you’re in the right place! Just imagine being a part of a thriving eco-system that works together, grows together & scales together? Imagine No More! 

Queen City Women in Business™  is one of the fastest growing platforms for diverse Women-Owned Businesses seeking to work with major organizations in any, or all sectors. (i.e. Corporate, Local & State, Federal Government, etc.) 

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Are You A Corporate Local/State, or Federal Organization Seeking to Partner to Help Meet Your Goals?

Our revolutionary community-based approach to supplier diversity, sourcing & development, allows us to connect more women-owned businesses to major organizations faster! All Industries. All Trades. One Platform!

“Queen City Women in Business has helped me to network with other amazing women in business and learn about what they bring to the table. I have connected with a few businesses for potential photoshoots this year and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to capture photos at QC Women in Business.”
Jeris Johnson, JerisJayy+Co. Photography
"I attended the Business Speed Matchmaking by Queen City Women in Business where small businesses like myself were able to meet with major corporations looking to do business with us! I’m so grateful for all the resources Queen City Women in Business is offering for women owned small businesses in the region. Yes Darling Tea is on the brink of experiencing significant business growth and we are READY!!!"
Kareema Riddick
CEO of Yes Darling Tea
"I have already learned so much from the two events I've attended and appreciate all the work you and your team are putting into building this community. It feels special to be a part of!"
Julia Farrell
Wryker Construction Supply

Queen City Women in Business™ is a membership-based supplier sourcing & development platform for women-owned small businesses seeking to connect with major organizations faster! All Industries. All Trades. One Community! Affectionately known as the “Angie’s List” of Women in Business, we’re fostering a thriving supplier eco-system of women owned companies, resource & corporate partners who work together to achieve success!

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Get Invited to New Member Welcome Calls, Monthly Virtual Lunch & Learn Talks, Pitch Feedback Sessions, Private Masterclasses, Informative Newsletters, & So Much More!

Take full advantage of our popular public directory, thriving community, and our highly anticipated signature and social events designed exclusively for members like you!

Get premier access to other diverse women owned businesses, simplified pathways to certification & connections to our pre-established corporate relationships!

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Our regional and nationwide partners have unlimited access to our sustainable supplier-ready eco-system of diverse women-owned small businesses across the nation. We aim to make it easier for you to find and do business with Women-Owned Small Businesses who are capable, eligible, and interested.

Our Members Get Certified! Get Introduced! Get Connected!

As a new member, we offer you pre-established client partners seeking to do business with you, simplified pathways to certification, and year-round supplier development training & match-making events so you can compete at the highest levels!

See 3-Ways We’re Getting Our Members Ready to Compete at the Highest Levels!

1. Professional Development: Get The Supplier Training You Need To Succeed!

Our Members get multiple year-round opportunities to learn, develop and sharpen their skills around business diversity. Whether it’s our state-of-the-art supplier readiness suite of e-courses, monthly lunch & learns, or our evening pitch feedback sessions, quarterly community events, business development partnerships, or supportive resources, we’ve got you covered!

2. Partnerships & Resources: Get The Certifications & Support You Need To Compete!

Our Members can take full advantage of our established business partner resources & certification partners; making it easier to get you certified! Whether you wish to work with major corporations, city or local, or Federal Government, we put it all in one place with direct links to apply; and names of real people to answer your questions!  

3. Procurement Opportunities: Get The Access & Connections You Need To Get The Business!

Thanks to our pre-established business connections & relationships with major organizations seeking to work with certified diverse women owned business like you, your access just became a whole lot easier. No more guessing  who you should connect with, or wondering where to start. We’ll provide you with clear instructions on getting in the door and introductions!

We believe it should be much easier for organizations to find & do business with woman business owners!

 That’s why we carved out a unique space to exclusively make this happen faster. At Queen City Women in Business™, you’re more than just a name; you’re a part of a powerful eco-system striving to change the face of business!

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Why Go After Corporate, Federal, Local or State Contracting Alone, When You have a Community Cheering You On?

As a new member, you get to take full advantage of direct easy access to information & expedited experiences through our proactive collaborations!

Our mission is to help women-owned small businesses work with major organizations faster by simplifying the pathway to supplier contracting through pre-established partnerships, access to key relationships & education.

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You can’t get connected if you can’t get found. Become a member today & list your woman owned business!

We promote a structured certification journey for our members, aimed at accelerating their path to contracting opportunities. 

1. Informative Certification Matchmaking Email by Day 7

Within the first week of membership, our members receive a comprehensive informational email highlighting the significance of certifications in accessing contracting opportunities; setting the stage for understanding the certification process and its potential benefits.

2. Certification Application Initiation by Day 30

By or before 30 days of membership, we encourage and guide our women entrepreneurs to initiate the certification application process for their respective sectors by going here to our all access certifications page.

3. Certification Approval Goal by 90 Days of Application Start

Within 90 days of applying for certification, our goal is to celebrate the approval of certification for our members. *This will vary based on which certification is being pursued.

4. Competing for Contracts by 4-6 Mos.

At the 4–6-month mark, we aim to have our certified members ready and equipped to actively compete for contracts & connected with our procuring partners. 

Queen City Women in Business™ offers you a unique and invaluable platform that connects local city and corporate partners and opportunities, to our women in business members faster. This community offers a centralized platform for women small business suppliers by partnering with local agencies, teams & organizations to provide supportive networks & access to resources essential for women in business growth and success.

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  • Awards Nominations & Recognition at annual Hat & Tea Lunch in August!

Why We Exist:

Today the world of small business contracting is far too complex. From knowing which certifications are needed by whom, to understanding where to go to apply, to knowing how to compete once you have them, the entire process has been clunky for far too long. With Woman Owned Businesses being the fastest growing in the US, we thought it was time for supplier simplification.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to connect women owned small businesses to major organizations faster by accelerating supplier-readiness resources, access to key-relationships & 24-7 representation! 

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a go-to model for taking women small businesses from start-up, to supplier-ready enterprises faster, through offering more simplified educational resources and access opportunities!

Attend Exciting Events All Year Long!

As a member or partner, you’ll be provided with frequent opportunities to connect & collaborate as early and often as possible through access, frequent educational programs, and our signature events!

QCWIB Community Event Types

1. Monthly Virtual Lunch & Learn Talks, where QCWIB members share tips on trending business topics.

2. Quarterly Connections Calls, where QCWIB partners and members get introduced.

3. Queen City Women in Business™ Breakfast, an Annual Signature Event each January that invites all local organizations and women in business to learn about QCWIB and become members and partners.

4. Queen City Women in Business™ Hat & Tea Lunch, an Annual Signature Event each August that awards its Women in Business Members across 3 categories: Philanthropy, Innovation, Emerging leadership. Women are welcome to nominate all year long. (*As seen on the right.)

5. Supplier Matchmaking events where our members who are supplier ready and/or supplier bound meet our Sourcing Partners.

What We Offer:

We offer access to opportunities, educational programs & signature events designed to accelerate the success of women entrepreneurs just like you!

  1. Access – Get access to some of the city’s most influential leaders & key organizations. Through our social media platform and app and warm introductions made at events and beyond, women business owners can quickly build a sense of community and position themselves for high volume growth.
  2. Education – Get the upskilling and training you need to compete at the highest levels. We pride ourselves on offering you the best information & education during our events (i.e. Speakers, Discussion Panels, Breakout-sessions, VIP Fireside chats, etc.) and all year long, via online training programs exclusively designed to help Small Businesses Grow powered by our partners at Skilldora Inc., an accredited training provider.
  3. Events – Get invited to our wildly popular signature events such as our Queen City Women in Business Breakfast™ professional business conference, or our fan favorite Queen City Women in Business Hat & Tea™ Experience, as a great way to connect with city leaders & collaborate with other women owned businesses and re-fuel your purpose!

Why Join Our Community?

Get your business referred! Get access to people already looking to work with you! Get in front of a larger audience faster!

Whether a member or partner organization, if you’re looking to grow your business or program exponentially by having access to the right people, resources & opportunities, then you’re in the right place!
Not only do we connect Queen City Women in Business™ members to local city and corporate opportunities, yet we also aim to work with our members and partners as a first choice when it comes to our signature events and experiences!

As a result, our members & partners have reported an immediate increase in awareness, exposure and opportunities from our connections!

See Our Testimonials

"Queen City Women in Business has helped me to network with other amazing women in business and learn about what they bring to the table. I have connected with a few businesses for potential photoshoots this year and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to capture photos at QC Women in Business."
Jeris Johnson
CEO of JerisJayy+Co. Photography
"Queen City women in business has helped me to connect with a group of remarkable professional women who are also successful business owners. Look no further than QCWIB, with their assistance, I have been able to build a fast and efficient network consisting of extraordinary individuals. These women possess not only the skills and experience to excel in their respective fields, but also a strong sense of camaraderie and support."
Murriel Shaw
CEO of Salon Royal Wellness
"I’m thrilled that we secured a booth at this year’s Queen City Women in Business Hat & Tea Luncheon. As a top-tier national non-profit, the American Cancer Society is known globally, BUT what we DO locally may not be top of mind. Sharing HOW our events bring people together, WHERE our programs impact the Greater Charlotte community, and WHO benefits from transportation and lodging grants was a key component in our experience and engagement with the attendees. Queen City Women in Business has helped us to engage with various industry leaders who make a difference in the business community AND philanthropic community. Having one on one conversations led to great conversations on auction donations, volunteer leadership positions and various invitations to our events to support our mission!"
Joyce Caron-Mercier
American Cancer Society

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