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  • 20% OFF Special Discounts on Training Programs
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Queen City Women in Business™ Members

  1. What is Queen City Women in Business™, and how does it support women-owned businesses?

Queen City Women in Business™ is a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering the growth and success of women-owned businesses. We provide Resources, Relationships, and Representation to accelerate your connections with major organizations across various sectors.

2. Who can become a member of Queen City Women in Business™?

Membership is open to all women-owned small businesses looking to connect and collaborate with major organizations, regardless of industry or trade.

3. What benefits do I gain by becoming a member?

As a member, you’ll receive Confidence, Certifications, and Connections essential for competing at the highest levels. Our community-based approach ensures access to resources, mentorship, and opportunities for growth.

4. How does Queen City Women in Business™ facilitate connections with major organizations?

We employ a revolutionary community-based approach to supplier diversity, sourcing, and development. This enables us to connect women-owned businesses to major organizations faster and more efficiently.

5. Can Queen City Women in Business™ help me obtain certifications for my business?

Absolutely! Membership provides access to valuable certifications, enhancing your business’s credibility and opening doors to new opportunities. We guide you through the certification process to ensure you meet the necessary criteria.

6. What sectors or industries does Queen City Women in Business™ cater to?

Queen City Women in Business™ is inclusive and serves women-owned businesses across all industries and trades. Whether you operate in the corporate sector, local business, state government, federal government, or any other area, our platform is designed to support your growth.

7. How can I join Queen City Women in Business™?

Joining is simple! Visit our website and navigate to the Membership section. Follow the registration process, and you’ll become part of a thriving ecosystem that collaborates, grows, and scales together.

8. Is there a fee for membership, and what is included?

Yes, there is a membership fee. The fee covers access to exclusive resources, mentorship opportunities, certification support, and networking events. Check our Membership page for detailed information on pricing and inclusions.

9. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Once you secure membership, access to information, connections and education is immediate, which is why we do not allow refunds. If your enrollment is beyond 72 hours, we do not issue a refund. As an option, you might choose not to renew your membership the following year, which would automatically cancel your membership. Please be advised, membership is not based on usage yet access to information and education provided the moment you became a member. 

10. How can Queen City Women in Business™ help me compete at higher levels in my industry?

By providing you with the necessary Confidence, Certifications, and Connections, Queen City Women in Business™ equips you to compete more effectively. Our platform is designed to elevate women-owned businesses and help them thrive in a competitive business landscape.

See Our Testimonies

"I’m thrilled that we secured a booth at this year’s Queen City Women in Business Hat & Tea Luncheon. As a top-tier national non-profit, the American Cancer Society is known globally, BUT what we DO locally may not be top of mind. Sharing HOW our events bring people together, WHERE our programs impact the Greater Charlotte community, and WHO benefits from transportation and lodging grants was a key component in our experience and engagement with the attendees."
Joyce Caron-Mercier
American Cancer Society
"Queen City women in business has helped me to connect with a group of remarkable professional women who are also successful business owners. Look no further than QCWIB, with their assistance, I have been able to build a fast and efficient network consisting of extraordinary individuals. These women possess not only the skills and experience to excel in their respective fields, but also a strong sense of camaraderie and support."
Murriel Shaw
CEO of Salon Royal Wellness

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