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Sharese Leggette
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Sharese Leggette is an experienced commercial real estate advisor with over six years of experience in real estate. She brings a unique perspective to the industry, with prior work history as an army veteran and a master’s degree in information systems management.

Sharese has a knack for research, care, and due diligence of each client she works with. She is committed to empowering, educating, and facilitating an environment for clients to learn and invest in commercial real estate. Her dedication to providing exceptional client care has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and expert in the field.

In her career, Sharese has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients, including investors, developers, and business owners. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest trends and developments in the industry and uses her expertise to help her clients make informed decisions.

Sharese is motivated by her desire to make a positive impact in the community and achieve financial freedom for herself and her clients. She believes that by working together, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

Overall, Sharese Leggette is a dedicated and experienced commercial real estate advisor who is committed to providing exceptional client care, empowering and educating clients, and making a positive impact in the community. If you're looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate professional, look no further than Sharese.

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