Supplier Readiness Certification Program

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Course Description:

Approx 4 hrs To Complete

Immerse yourself in our self-paced Supplier Readiness Program, designed for comprehensive learning. Develop a supplier-ready mindset, assess strengths, understand small business dynamics, manage relationships with sourcing companies, and overcome obstacles. Unleash your supplier potential with our transformative program.


  • Supplier Readiness Certified
  • Enrolled and active supplier
  • In touch with participating sourcing partner

What to Expect

Lesson 1: The Supplier Ready Mindset

  • Defining what it means to be a diverse supplier
  • Benefits of being a diverse supplier
  • 7-key aspects of the supplier ready mindset

Lesson 2: Role, Importance & Relationship of the Diverse Supplier

  • Role & Importance of the Diverse Supplier
  • Understanding Commonly used key terms
  • The Relationship between the diverse supplier & sourcing company

Lesson 3: Knowing & Showing your Strengths, Goals and Offer

  • Understanding your competitive advantage
  • Defining your Goals and the whys
  • Assessing your offer and expertise (Range of goods & services diverse suppliers can offer)

Lesson 4: Managing common issues that catch diverse suppliers off guard

  • Volume & Scale: Meeting client demands
  • Extended payment terms
  • Payment delays & disputes

Lesson 5: Registering as a Diverse Supplier & Understanding Your Business Documentation

  • Understanding Supplier Registration portals
  • Understanding your business documents
  • Planning and preparing best practices

Lesson 6: The RFI, RFQ & RFP Process explained

  • Defining the RFI, RFQ & RFP Process
  • Each phases differences
  • How to increase your chances of success

Lesson 7: Winning the work and showing up in excellence

  • The awards announcement
  • Delivering Quality
  • Best Practices for long term success

SRP Exam:

The final exam for the Supplier Readiness Program is a comprehensive assessment comprising 30 questions.  These questions cover essential topics from each lesson and include a mix of true or false and multiple-choice questions. Participants have already encountered similar questions through knowledge checks and recaps during the program. Exam takers are allocated a maximum of 30-minutes to complete the final exam. A passing Score is considered 90% or better. Upon successfully passing the exam, participants will be awarded an accredited supplier readiness certification from Skilldora.
Participants have the opportunity to make two attempts to pass the final exam. They are encouraged to review their notes and revisit the knowledge check questions to enhance their preparation for achieving success in the final exam.

If you have any further inquiries regarding the final exam, please feel free to reach out to

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 9 Topics
  • 7 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate