ChatGPT for Educators: An Interactive Hands On Workshop & Simulator

During this interactive workshop you’ll learn 10-CREATIVE ways to use ChatGPT in your classroom to improve student outcomes w/ real examples

Everybody’s talking about ChatGPT, yet no one is taking the time to walk you through real and practical examples of creative ways you can use this epic AI tool in a classroom setting.

  • Learn ways to create interactive group experiences in class
  • Discover at home collaborative projects students can do using ChatGPT
  • Find out how students can create more personalized learning experiences and teach & coach each other using ChatGPT
  • Understand how to teach your students the power of prompting a new technical skill in high demand

For the highest and best learning experience, all attending Teachers and Educators are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops and access to their personal ChatGPT accounts, to enjoy this group workshop experience while being led through 10-creative and highly engaging ways to use ChatGPT in the classroom.

*All educators welcome regardless of class grade level

When you sign up to attend you’ll get:

-Invitation to join Skilldora’s FREE accredited member based online learning platform

-Exclusive access to join Skilldora’s AI Educator’s Circle to stay connected to your workshop cohorts

-Downloadable guides and templates from the virtual live session

As a professional in 2023, don’t miss an opportunity to be in the know, register today!

This talk is being hosted and presented by Skilldora.

About Skilldora:

Skilldora is an accredited AI EdTech & eLearning Company making it possible for businesses, educators & learners to launch big ideas faster through a new world of AI.


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