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Ever heard the term your network is your net worth?

Dawn Nicole McIlwain, Founder of Queen City Women in Business™ Inc.

When I first envisioned Queen City Women in Business (QCWIB), my goal was to connect the women in business in my own network, to the most powerful influential city and corporate leaders, also in my network.

While they all knew me, they didn’t know each other, and this felt like a real miss.

In Charlotte, I’d been many things to many people and reinvented my brand a number of times.

I started as a business coach and brand strategist in 2015, an Agile coach & training programs developer by 2019, to finally becoming a cofounder of an AI Based online learning platform for adult learners called Skilldora in 2022.  

I had been active in a variety of sectors in and around Charlotte, interfacing with both corporate & city leaders and B2B consumers. Along the way, I met a ton of likeminded people who all had lots of interest in meeting each other, for various reasons.

Having maxed out of my FB connections and grown my LinkedIn connections to over 26K+ followers, with a plethora of real-world Charlotte business connections, it didn’t take long to realize there was tremendous value in my network, for others.

And this is when the light bulb moment occurred, my passion is connecting powerful people to other powerful people!

Realizing this I launched the first Queen City Women in Business Breakfast Event in Jan 2023. Designed to be a one-time conference, it quickly became a viral success with attendees wanting more interaction beyond this event.

With this in mind we developed the QCWIB online community and directory and created educational programs.

By August of that same year, we launched the summer installment of the event called “Queen City Women in Business Hat and Tea Lunch”, which proved to be just as successful, if not more than the inaugural event.

From there we knew Queen City Women in Business was more than an event, it had become a movement and a cause, that would allow Charlotte’s Women Business Owners to Connect to local leaders, resources, and opportunities, Collaborate with other movers and shakers and build a sense of business Community. 

Today we do this through providing accesseducation & events that help to propel Queen City’s Women in Business forward.

While our focus is on women business owners, we invite ALL allies and supporters to our QCWIB events and experiences!

Attendees of QCWIB events have even reported creating meaningful relationships, closing lucrative business deals, and building major partnerships with local leaders.

Now I’m proud to say, what begin as a need to connect powerful women in business to other powerful movers and shakers in my network, has become a Charlotte Staple and continuously evolving eco-system of thriving partnerships, programs & purpose!

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